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A certified Italian language school

The Italian Language School Accademia Studioitalia, based in Rome, has been teaching Italian to foreign learners since 1983. On top of that, the school is also one of the most recognized training centres for Italian teachers, offering high-quality training programs and specialised courses.

Officially recognised/accredited by

  • The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
  • Università per Stranieri di Siena, for CILS Italian Language Certificates.
  • Università per Stranieri di Siena – Centro DITALS. The most important ceritification to become an Italian teacher.
  • Università di Perugia for CELI Certificates.

We guarantee you a safe learning environment

Learn Italian in Rome

Our Courses

StudioItalia is perfectly aware that learning a new language does not simply mean to study grammar and new words by heart! Our communicative approach provides students with the right tools to learn grammar, as well as to improve your language skills in a  dynamic way. Generally speaking, children start learning and speaking out of the school setting, and, after all we are just grown-up kids even more motivated to learn! Any doubts? Visit Accademia Studioitalia for a free day of Italian lessons.

Learn Italian in Rome

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About Us

Why learn Italian in Rome with us?

Rome is the city with the highest number of monuments in the world. You will never get tired of this wonderful City; every corner tells a story and allows you travel back in time and discover a unique culture. While you learn Italian in Rome you will be able to visit a different monument, church or museum every day. Just have a look at the amazing pieces of art that Rome can offer you every single day!

Thanks to its strategic position, Rome is still a bridge which connects the north and the south of Italy. In fact, it will only take you 3,5 hours by train (or just 1 hour by plane) to reach the most famous and well-known Italian cities. You can have a one-day trip to Florence (just 1, 5 hours by train) and Naples (1 hour) or you can easily travel to Venice and Bari (3, 5 hours) during the weekend. Rome offers the perfect environment for students to learn Italian, and long-term programs (e.g. study VISA) give students the chance to visit any Italian city during their stay.
Our Italian school is just 10 minutes away from Termini Station (Rome), and you can get a train with your classmates and friends straight after classes.

Let's Start

Teaching Method

The teaching method used at the Italian Language School Accademia Studioitalia is based on the communicative approach.Our experienced and qualified teachers aim to create a positive class environment. The Italian cultural elements, as well as the main communicative situations presented are always related to the current and historical Italian reality.

Accredited School

By Italian Ministry of Education, Studioitalia is also a Teacher training center of University for Foreigners and Examination Center for CILS and CELI Exams.


A pleasant environment is fundamental. As said above, motivation is the key to learning, and students need a motivating and stimulating environment.


Our job doesn’t end with the lessons. We are happy to support you with your studies after the school, giving assistance or tips for your free time and be your home in Italy!



  • positive review  La migliore scuola di lingua italiana e altre lingue straniere a Roma! Anche i miei insegnanti preferiti e i miei colleghi e datori di lavoro preferiti, visto che studio e lavoro con loro da più di 10 anni! Grazie di cuore per tutto ciò che mi avete trasmesso e insegnato! Grazie mille per tutto ciò che avete fatto per me! Spero di poter ricominciare al più presto possibile! CONTATE su di me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Un abbraccio, Acad. Prof. Dr. Nick Ciprian Bergson-Berchisan Assistente Professore presso il SEAI, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università di Roma La Sapienza

    Ciprian Alex Sky Avatar Ciprian Alex Sky
    5 June 2020

    positive review  I have spent 2 weeks in Rome and went to the school Accademia Studioitalia - and I had one of the best times of my life: The teachers are very communicative, friendly, helpful & open - minded & the whole atmosphere is very comfortable & welcoming !! ♡ I guess the city Rome does not need a review 😉

    Maike Krob Avatar Maike Krob
    27 February 2020

    positive review  L'accademia StudioItalia è la migliore scuola dove puoi imparare l'italiano 💕 Gli insegnanti sono molto pazienti e si può vedere che amano quello che fanno. Tutti sono molto gentili e disponibili. Sono felice di aver fatto parte di questa scuola per un po' di tempo e di aver incontrato così tante brave persone. ☺️ Non vedo l'ora di tornare di nuovo lì.🖐🏻🇮🇹 The best place ever 😻 Musicie odwiedzić to miejsce, jeżeli chcecie nauczyć się języka włoskiego szybko i w przyjaznej atmosferze 🥰🤙🏼

    Monika Dziczek Avatar Monika Dziczek
    2 December 2019

    positive review  je viens de passer 2 mois merveilleux à Rome, j’ai suivi des cours. Si j’ai un mot pour décrire le professionnalisme de cette école c’est LA PASSION d’enseigner avec patience, de partager la culture. Et vous verrez avec le cœur, c’est plus facile d’apprendre une langue étrangère ! GO a Studio Italia Laura

    Laure Laura Avatar Laure Laura
    12 November 2019

    positive review  Nette und sehr hilfsbereite Menschen arbeiten im Studioitalia! Grüße an Alessandro und Francesca, ihr habt mir eine tolle Woche bereitet. Ich komme gerne wieder nächstes Jahr. Grazie mille! Lukas

    Lukas W. Eber Avatar Lukas W. Eber
    30 August 2019

    positive review  I really loved my time in this school. Teacher were friendly, all the explanations were very clear. If you want to start speaking italian, that's the right place. Moreover everything is super flexible and can be adjusted for your needs. As I'm from Russia, I had to do the visa. And I got help all along the way.

    Anastasia Yuditskaya Avatar Anastasia Yuditskaya
    6 August 2019
  • positive review  I studied at Accademia StudioItalia for about a month this past February and what a great experience I had! It's a wonderful little school in the heart of Rome and small enough that the teachers get to know each student (and style) individually. Also met a great group of fellow Italian-language lovers and expats who I am still friends with to this day. I highly recommend!

    Lauren Caramico Avatar Lauren Caramico
    5 August 2019

    positive review  Accademia Studioitalia is a perfect school to learn another language and moreover about new cultures. I have been studying Italian there for one year and right from the beginning I felt so comfortable, because of the really friendly and patient teachers and open-minded students from all over the world. Always having a lot of fun we talked about Italy and its culture, history, people, music and art and much more than this. Also Grammar was easy to understand by good explanations and games. If anyone had a problem, they always helped a bit individualy, too, so that everybody could follow as well as possible. I will never forget all these hours of lesson, events and aperitivo with Susanna, Marco, Alessandro, Ana Paola and of course Massimo with Cleo. The preparation for the examen Susanna has done with us in the evening lessons, couldn't have been better! Thanks to them all I can speak this beautiful language and I will continue to talk, also with some friends I got to know there. I just can recommend this school to everybody who wants to discover Italy with all its sides and faces. Well done! 5⭐ !

    Katharina Cerff Avatar Katharina Cerff
    26 July 2019

    positive review  The best (y)

    Fernando Roma Avatar Fernando Roma
    22 June 2019

    positive review  Studioitalia is an amazing school to learn Italian! I always felt welcomed and the classes were productive and fun. I never got bored during a class :). The teachers were all kind and approachable, I always felt free to ask any doubt I had. It is also a good place to get to know foreign people and make new friends. Learning Italian was easy and fun with them!! 100% reccomended. 😁

    Carla Martinez Plana Avatar Carla Martinez Plana
    13 February 2019

    positive review  I’m writing this review from a teacher’s point of view. I chose Accademia StudioItalia to further my teaching qualifications and so I took part in their classes for a month. I was surprised by the skills of the teachers who were able to explain grammar concepts simply by eliciting, demonstrating and entirely in Italian! I marveled at this method of teaching and made it my own whereas until recently I would always integrate my lessons with a (sometimes boring) explanation in English. While the students are involved in activities, no pressure is put on the individual, but rather an invitation when and if the student feels ready to take it on. I witnessed the progress of the various classes, and the warm atmosphere that quickly created among the students and between them and the teachers. I learnt a lot about how to create simple, practical communication and what it means to learn a language from scratch as well as developing advanced communication skills in the higher level classes. What I particularly enjoyed about the lessons was that the support material presented is super current and it reflects the trends and cultural habits of twenty first century Italy. A variety of mediums are used, including videos, audios, extra-curricular activities around the city, as well as culinary gatherings! I strongly recommend this lovely school to anyone interested in not only improving their language skills but want to immerse themselves into the authentic Italian everyday life.

    Glenda Delli Avatar Glenda Delli
    11 February 2019

    positive review  Diana Collepiccolo vi invia questa recensione Quando si dice imparare e lavorare divertendosi.. Ecco perché consiglio Accademia StudioItalia. Corso di preparazione all'esame Ditals ben organizzato ed esaustivo. Docenti preparati, professionali ma sempre con il sorriso, creano un ambiente di lavoro molto gradevole e stimolante. Grande attenzione per gli allievi e per i tirocinanti.. Si impara molto sul campo! 60 ore volate in un baleno! Se vi consiglio questa scuola? Eccome!!!!

    Sandra Cristofanilli Avatar Sandra Cristofanilli
    4 February 2019
  • positive review  CONSIGLIATISSIMO! è una scuola seria, che già di per sé non è poco. Ho frequentato il corso DITALS per insegnamento dell'italiano agli stranieri e ho partecipato alle lezioni in aula per il tirocinio. Delle classi di italiano, posso dire che gli insegnanti sono molto preparati ed energici e sanno tenere alta l'attenzione dei discenti. Le lezioni di italiano sono preparate accuratamente e sempre molto divertenti. Per il corso DITALS è fatto davvero bene: organizzato in 4 giornate (che impiegano solo 2 fine settimana); estremamente esaustivo sia come contenuti sia come tecniche di preparazione all'esame (come tutto gli esami bisogna sapersi orientare, non basta aver studiato); insegnanti preparati e pazienti...molto pazienti. L'amministrazione è molto disponibile e tiene molto in considerazione chi frequenta il DITALS e le esigenze di tirocinio. CONSIGLIATISSIMO

    Raffaela Neri Avatar Raffaela Neri
    4 February 2019

    positive review  Ho frequentato il Corso Ditals presso questa scuola e non posso far altro che elogiare il lavoro degli insegnanti: seri, professionali, sempre disponibili, mi hanno incoraggiata durante tutto il periodo del tirocinio. Bellissima esperienza!

    Silvia Migliori Avatar Silvia Migliori
    1 February 2019

    positive review  Grazie ad Accademia Studioitalia ho conseguito la DITALS in tempi brevissimi: corso propedeutico, tirocinio, materiali, esame, tutto svolto con professionisti del settore e in un ambiente disteso. Le informazioni ricevuto durante l'intero percorso sono state chiare e precise, lo staff sempre disponibile ad ogni esigenza. GRAZIE!

    Cori Stilo Avatar Cori Stilo
    31 January 2019

    positive review  Do I recommend StudioItalia in Roma? YES, absolutely! Why? Where do I begin? First thing's first, the classes are lots of fun. If you're in Rome for even a week, take classes with Rome's wittiest; most credible language teachers in Italy. This academic outlet helps you learn Italian while happy laughing through your day. Full satisfaction and fun guaranteed. There is no better way to learn a language than to laugh while you learn. Also, the entire staff was so sweet. They made me feel like family. Between music exchanges, hot spot recommendations, going out for lunches and Christmas dinners I felt so welcome at StudioItalia. Let's not forget the head master of StudioItalia (@Massimo). He is one of the kindest, most genuine, well connected human beings I got the chance to know in Rome. I had some inquiries about universities I wanted to apply to, so he took the liberty himself to take me to them, and helped me apply. This is to say the least! Thanks to this academic language school, I made friends to last me a lifetime, learned the Italian language, and made a promise to return to Rome very soon. I found a home there. Grazie StudioItalia, che bella esperienza <3 Nour x

    Nour Hourani Avatar Nour Hourani
    30 January 2019

    positive review  -Una forma muy Buena de aprender italiano por medio de conversaciones y actividades. -El horario es flexible y las clases son pequeñas (4-6 estudiantes), casi personalizadas y se aprende rápido. -Los profesores siempre están para cualquier duda tanto dentro como fuera de la clase. -Conoces a gente de todas partes del mundo -Hay un certificado del nivel de Italiano al final del curso ------------------------------------------ -A very good way to learn Italian through conversations and activities. -The schedule is flexible and the classes are small (4-6 students), personalized and you learn quickly. -Teachers are always there for any cuestiona, inside and outside the classes. - You know people from all over the world -There is a certificate of the level of Italian at the end of the course

    Tatiana Russi Avatar Tatiana Russi
    30 January 2019

    positive review  I have had a truly wonderful experience at StudioItalia. As an American student, I had to go through the visa process and the director of StudioItalia helped me through every step of the way making it a surprisingly smooth and easy process. When I started studying Italian at this school I was a beginner, but by the end of my studies I had progressed to the advanced level class and even took the CILS Italian certification exam. StudioItalia offers so many options between the various levels of classes to group or individual lessons that they really have an accommodation to fit every need. The amazing teachers here have helped me immensely to improve my Italian proficiency and I am so grateful to StudioItalia for this experience!

    Susan Felson Avatar Susan Felson
    21 December 2018
  • positive review  Sono da wood voglio imparare lingua italiana

    Dawood Hadhmi Avatar Dawood Hadhmi
    18 November 2018

    positive review  Gli insegnanti sono stati molto bravi! Mi è piaciuto tanto! � I can highly recommend this school for everyone who wishes to start learning italian or to polish their skills. I hope to be back again one day. Grazie mile! �

    Gosia Napi Avatar Gosia Napi
    28 October 2018

    positive review  Ho frequentato il Corso Ditals presso Accademia Studio Italia e mi sono trovata benissimo. Gli insegnanti lavorano con grande serietà e professionalità ma soprattutto con passione ed entusiasmo, mi hanno insegnato veramente tantissimo. Tutto lo staff è stato sempre, gentile, sorridente e disponibile. Un'ottima esperienza!!!

    Fiorenza Giordano Avatar Fiorenza Giordano
    20 October 2018

    positive review  I have been studying in this school for 6 months and I love it! The teachers are really friendly, funny, close, and of course GREAT teachers. They find the way to teach you italian in the most useful and fun ways. If I’m able to speak fluent italian is because of them: Anna Paola, Alessandro and Marco. They find the way to adapt the lessons so both, the new and the old students, can be interested and learn a lot! The school is well located and the classrooms are beautiful and perfect sized. They also organise many activities like visiting museums, city tours, movies, tiramisu lessons, politics, culture, etc etc etc. Sometimes we go and have aperitivo all together 🙂 I have made a lot of friends there! And the director is the coolest guy ever! I highly recommend this school! 5 ⭐️

    Daniel González Avatar Daniel González
    20 September 2018

    5 star review  Docenti preparati e disponibilissimi in un ambiente sereno, serio ma divertente, attenti alle esigenze di studenti e tirocinanti. Non posso fare a meno di raccomandare questa esperienza.

    Martina Galassi Avatar Martina Galassi
    30 May 2018

    4 star review  Great School! Amazing and friendly staff 🙂 Learned so much in the little time i was here. Staff is dedicated to helping you learn and reach your personal goals.

    Abbey Anne Avatar Abbey Anne
    13 May 2018
  • 5 star review  I had classes in Studio Italia for two months in the autumn of 2017 and it was a great experience. Our teachers were amazing and we managed to acquire significant knowledge in the time we spent there. I would kindly reccomend it to everyone who needs intensive language classes and kind people to work with.

    Vesna Lazarevska Avatar Vesna Lazarevska
    25 November 2017

    positive review  Muito importante na minha carreira...!se Deus quizer vou fazer parte desta equipe.

    Wagner Campos Avatar Wagner Campos
    12 November 2017

    5 star review  Great experience! It was a pleasure to be taught by such positive teachers with perfect sense of humor. In Accademia Studioitalia I met many wonderful people from all over the world with whom I not only attended classes, but also spent my free time. In Accademia I received many tips about Rome. Now I Love this city even more and I wish to come back here. Grazie mille 🙂

    Gabriela Baran Avatar Gabriela Baran
    10 November 2017

    5 star review  I spent two months at Accademia Studioitalia. It was a great time for me! The atmosphere of the lesson was fantastic. The teachers are really good and helpful (my favourite: Anna Paola and Flaminia - thank you girls for all! 🙂 I improved my italian skills, met many fantastic people from all the world! 🙂 The school offers interesting afternoon activities as well sometimes. I recommend ! A presto! 🙂

    Anna Kuś Avatar Anna Kuś
    27 October 2017

    5 star review  I had a great time at Accademia Studioitalia. The teachers were very nice and professional. The correspondence with the school was always clear and friendly. I also had the best time at the apartment I rented on their proposal. The school offers interesting afternoon activities as well sometimes. If you are looking for a basic starter course Accademia Studioitalia is a very good option!

    Floor Guldentops Avatar Floor Guldentops
    19 September 2017

    5 star review  This is really a fun school. The teachers are great and always teach with so much enthusiasm and energy. I can highly recommend Studio Italia.

    Carine Smit Avatar Carine Smit
    13 September 2017
  • 5 star review  I had a great exprience. Must admit i chose the school after exploring google for 5 minutes and it was a very good choice 🙂 Really miss the classes and the teachers! Highly recommended.

    Natalie Urbaniak Avatar Natalie Urbaniak
    22 June 2017

    5 star review  Mi piace la scola e insegnanti molto. 👍

    Birte Falkeborg Avatar Birte Falkeborg
    21 June 2017

    positive review  Grazie alla Accademia Studioitalia per la settimana ottima! Mi è piaciuto molto! Le insegnante Elen e Valentina sono le stelle! Grazie a voi � Consiglio questa scuola per tutti chi vogliono imparare la lingua italiana a Roma ��

    Marina Parintseva Avatar Marina Parintseva
    16 June 2017

    5 star review  Best traineeship/experience of my life I bumped into the school because of a project financed from the EU In the first part I have studied didactic techniques and approaches, and I have researched in how to deal with multilingual classes and with the promotion of plurilingualism. In the second phase (the best part) I had a concrete experience in the school, which was totally UNEXPECTED. I would need many pages to list all the things I have learnt in Accademia StudioItalia, so I will just write down some of them: The first one is that smiling and laughing can completely change your way of doing your job and living your life! The second one is never stop learning (this sounds quite cliché but not when you see amazing people from all over the world every day) The third one is...a completely different teaching method, and as a former language student I can say that is different from each method that I had previously found in universities and/or private schools! Thanks to Alessandro (the didactic director) for everything he has taught me with enthusiasm and passion, to Marco (the most patient Italian teacher ever), to Luca (for its jokes 😉 and to Massimo (best boss ever), to be my team and my family in this 6 months! everyone I have met in the school! If you have the chance, don't miss this place and this people!

    Flaminia Paternoster Avatar Flaminia Paternoster
    16 June 2017

    5 star review  I started my adventure at Accademia Studioitalia because I wanted to learn Italian. I'm already starting to see the first results. I like the teaching method, the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers. They are all very kind and patient, always ready to correct mistakes with a smile on their faces and to give valuable hints. The school location is beautiful and charming, close to Vatican, easy to reach with public transport. In general I love this school! In fact, it isn't only a language school, it's a place where you feel like at home, where you go willingly, where all you can feel is just pure happiness. I highly recommend it! You can't find a better place to learn that lovely language which is Italian!

    Natalia Skupień Avatar Natalia Skupień
    21 April 2017

    5 star review  Mi piace la scuola e insegnanti molto! I would really recommend this school in Rome. I stayed in Rome for 5 weeks. The location is very good, the lessons are nice and good to follow, the teachers are really good and helpfull! You will enjoy your stay in Rome and after some lessons your italian will be really improved. And besides all of that I have a new best friend, which I met at this school! I want to come back soon!! Mi manchi tutti di insegnanti. Io spero noi incontriamo presto. Baci per tutti! Grazie mille! X

    Sanne-Renee Pothoven Avatar Sanne-Renee Pothoven
    20 April 2017
  • 5 star review  Fantastic school with nice teachers. �

    Dominika Potocka Avatar Dominika Potocka
    15 April 2017

    5 star review  Fantastic teachers, they're kind and they genuinely want you to improve. I'm very glad to have found this class. Thoroughly recommend this course.

    Sagarika Mukherjee da Costa Avatar Sagarika Mukherjee da Costa
    9 April 2017

    5 star review  Molto, molto interessante!

    Olga  Tuzhikova Avatar Olga Tuzhikova
    15 February 2017

    5 star review  이탈리아에 처음 갔을때 이탈리아어를 하나도 몰랐는데 여기 8개월정도 배우면서 프리토킹할 정도가 되었습니다. 스투디오 이탈리아에는 뛰어나고 친절한 선생님들이 많습니다. 한국에 귀국한 지금도 이탈리아어에 관해 궁금한 부분이 생기면 물어보곤 하는데 지나치게 친절할정도로 답변해주십니다. 이탈리아어를 배우시려고 현지에 학원을 찾으신다면 스투디오 이탈리아를 강력하게 추천드립니다.

    Chang-Eun Choi Avatar Chang-Eun Choi
    3 February 2017

    5 star review  Really good school, relaxed and friendly atmosphere , I'm happy that I was able to have converzations on italian after short time studining. Proffesors are really professional and willing to speak with you even after class. Grazie scuola 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ante Lokas Avatar Ante Lokas
    23 January 2017

    5 star review  Il mio tirocinio di 3 mesi è volato! Grazie a tutti per la gentilezza, la disponibilità e la serietà. Un grazie particolare ai docenti per avermi spinto verso il bellissimo mondo dell'insegnamento. A presto!

    Eleonora Fuccelli Avatar Eleonora Fuccelli
    3 December 2016
  • 5 star review  Mi primera toma de contacto con el italiano ha sido en esta academia. Totalmente satisfecha!!! Los profesores son muy buenos, se preocupan por nuestro aprendizaje y además organizan muchas actividades. Gracias por todo

    Alberto Morales Avatar Alberto Morales
    19 November 2016

    4 star review  E stata un’esperienza meravigliosa! I have spent one week at StudioItalia. It was great experience for me. Teachers are friendly,kind and enthusiastic. The lessen was focused on conversation. At the same time teachers instructed grammar in detail. I had a lot of opportunities for communicate in Italiano. The school is located neat Vatican,sophisticated and quiet area for locale people. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around there. This school is highly recommended. Mina

    Mina Oya Avatar Mina Oya
    12 November 2016

    4 star review  Tolle Lehrer die es auf unkomplizierte, lustige Art und Weise verstanden haben es jedem beizubringen. Jederzeit wieder.

    Tanja Fischer Avatar Tanja Fischer
    11 October 2016

    5 star review  Tolle Lehrer und gute Gruppengrösse! Strategisch optimal gelegen!

    Tessa Schneider Avatar Tessa Schneider
    5 October 2016

    positive review  Increíble!!! Una experiencia hermosa , no se como resumir , cuando por primera vez llegue a la escuela me recibio Alejandro , con paciencia trato de entenderme mi español es un excelente profesor, nos enseña mucho mas que italiano ,después lo describo . La escuela es para cualquier nivel , yo llegue cerooooo hay alumnos de todo el mundo de diferente idiomas , pero tienen un equipo de profesionales increíbles ! Ponen alma y vida cada día para darnos lo mejor . Mi profe de gramática Valentina una italiana de ojos verdes alta divinaaa !! Corazon con patas un amor que paciencia, graciassss!! Por dar tanto , por enseñarme mis primeras palabras A Todos. Ale un divino que vio la forma de ubicarme mejor cual seria el nivel del curso para mi ,nos enseña italiano y casi teatro para que entendamos jaaj hace de todo ,los ejemplos de como traducir a aleman , español ,arabe , checo ,de todos en una misma clase jaja un genio !!! sabe como dar los pasos siguentes , es increible la pedagogia todos los metodos que usa , estudie odontologia y no me toco profesores que amen tanto lo que hacen . Lucas muyy gracioso , vemos videos , musica en italiano igual todos los tres son los mejores profesores que he tenido . A la tarde hay actividades por si quieren aprender cosas típicas de italia , pero el curso preparan de varios libros y usan todos los metodos como para que hasta un principiante pueda lo juro !! Que dios ilumine a cada uno de los que me ayudaron a hablar y escribir mejor se que me falta mucho pero volveré . Irene no me olvido de vos sos una excelente persona , gracias por todo . Vuelvo muy pronto besooss a todos !!! Grazieeeee a tuttiii

    Clau Olitte Avatar Clau Olitte
    30 September 2016

    5 star review  the dependence in rome is great, had a good time and it helped. I recommend it!

    Matthias Esch Avatar Matthias Esch
    17 September 2016

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